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Process loans faster, cheaper and better. Reduce your operating costs by digitising and automating the lending process.

With our help, you will have a faster turnaround time with automatic verification of customer documentation. Your clients will love the speed of the loan processing. Your employees will appreciate having all lending verifications in one system rather than using multiple external systems.

More importantly, it allows you to focus on new customers, increasing financial inclusion.

We give you lending the way it should be done!


However complex the loan application process may be, the borrower always expects the process to be completed as fast as possible.

Loan processing involves collecting a lot of documents from the borrower. To ensure a smooth appraisal process, the information collected from the borrower needs to be validated and cross-referenced against external data sources like Credit Reference Bureaus as well as government registries.

Due to the high dependence on paper, loan processes are manual which result in poor customer experience, high loan processing fees and high operating costs for financial institutions.


Laboremus provides a set of digital tools that enable the digitisation of manual processes of your loan process. 

Unlike credit processing platforms that are expensive and time-consuming to implement, Laboremus allows you to select one or more out of a range of digital tools that help you at each step of the credit processing journey. This includes data collection apps and chatbots, digital signing, KYC verification and collateral verification. 

Laboremus leverages proprietary data sources to help you collect and validate income, assets and liabilities data.


Reduce costs, speed up the process & lend more

Reduce your operating costs by digitising and automating the lending verification process. With our help, you will have a faster turnaround time, which means that you can focus on new customer segments.

The digitisation and automation will enable you to service the underbanked and underserved who make up the majority of the population in most African countries.

Products in use

Identity verification

We help you establish a customer's identity through verifying the Uganda National ID card data against the NIRA ID database.

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Identity onboarding

Provide digital channels for account opening and customer onboarding.

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Digital document signing

Upload contracts,  agreements, fact sheets and more to your own document portal for signing by your customers and partners.

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Verify income, assets and liabilities

We help you confirm a client's assets using Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs) and various registries.

Digital disbursement/ repayment of loans

We provide payment rails to enable loan disbursement and repayment digitally.

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