Get fast customer onboarding with reliable KYC & KYB

Streamline by Laboremus is the most powerful digital infrastructure for customer onboarding and KYC / KYB in Africa.

Onboard customers in minutes by automating KYC / KYB checks, collecting accurate data without paperwork, and  digitally establishing customer identity.

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The most powerful digital KYC and KYB platform in Africa

KYC for Individuals

Verify customer identity card, address, TIN, phone number, AML/PEP status and more

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KYB for Businesses

Verify business name, TIN, trade license, shareholder information and more

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Digital onboarding

Onboard customers in-branch or via agents using Web, WhatsApp, USSD or Mobile App

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Comprehensive KYC and KYB reports

Streamline by Laboremus directly verifies customer information with several government registries via the NITA data hub

Fast track customer onboarding

No more paper forms. Onboard customers using Chatbots, WhatsApp, USSD, Mobile App and other channels.

Accelerate your customer acquisition


Digitally collect accurate customer data

Streamline by Laboremus enables customer onboarding from your website, chatbot, mobile application, WhatsApp, USSD


Instantly verify identity with digital KYC

Our digital KYC infrastructure validates customers' national ID and other details with central databases


Deliver fast access to banking services

Once KYC is completed in real-time, your customers can access ready-to-use, fully-compliant accounts in minutes

Verify identity faster with reliable KYC & KYB

Reliability is critical with KYC compliance. Laboremus works closely with government organisations and central databases to ensure you always know your customers.

Complete KYC for new customers in minutes

Verify identity against central NIRA database

Rely on our partnerships with Bank of Uganda and Uganda Bankers Association

Onboard customers from anywhere without paperwork

Your customers want quick and easy access to banking services. With Streamline by Laboremus you can acquire new customers from anywhere without friction.

Open accounts in minutes with fast-track onboarding

Provide instant access to banking services and credit

Deliver a great user experience from the first day

Collect complete customer data at onboarding

Streamline by Laboremus is built to help you collect complete customer data during digital onboarding.

Collect all customer data at onboarding

Update and maintain data without overhead

Build rich customer profiles automatically

Speed-up digital transition, reduce the risk of fraud

Streamline by Laboremus fits into your digital transformation strategy to ease the burden of compliance and reduce the risk of fraud.

Cut paperwork and manual effort by 80%

Integrate with your existing digital stack

Achieve compliance and reduce the risk of fraud

Grow faster with our digital KYC and KYB solutions

Laboremus has partnered with national organisations to ensure that  customer identity is validated against the most accurate sources of data

Streamline by Laboremus is built to make it easy for Operations teams to manage KYC and customer identity from a simple, clear UI

Streamline by Laboremus provides capabilities to customise workflows and orchestrate flow of data between applications

We keep pricing simple. You just pay for the number of verifications  performed on customers. No fixed tiers or  complex per seat pricing.

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Financial institutions




Identities verified


Accounts generated

Get the most reliable KYC & KYB infrastructure in Africa

Get Streamline by Laboremus to verify the identity of your customers