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We combine international code with local knowledge to provide fintech and KYC solutions in East Africa and beyond.

What we do best

Your fintech partner. We deliver digital solutions for banks and financial companies in East Africa and Europe.

We fix your KYC needs. We know regtech, compliance, digital signing, data protection and what regulators want.

Financial inclusion. We bring financial technology to the underserved: alone and in partnership with others.

Application development. We combine cutting-edge tech, AI, and big data, with proven methods to create smart solutions.

Tech Academy


The “skills gap” between what schools and universities teach and what employers need is a known problem for employers in the ICT-sector. To fight this problem, we have launched our own tech academy in Kampala.

In partnership with Fontes Foundation and Clarke International University, our academy teaches students the software development skills needed to make them job-ready.

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Advancing Uganda's tech industry

In 2019, we launched Refactory to teach aspiring software developers the skills needed to advance the tech industry in Uganda.

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