Powerful digital KYC  infrastructure for Africa

Truly know your customers and onboard them faster with Streamline by Laboremus

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Trusted by 30+ banks in Uganda

Streamline by Laboremus is the digital KYC solution trusted by The Bank of Uganda and top financial institutions.

Onboard everyone but not just anyone

Reduce fraud by instantly verifying identity, address, tax number and more to ensure the customers you onboard are truly who they claim to be.

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Verify identity with NIRA

Verify customer identity against central government database for reliable, real-time compliance

Confirm address, TIN and phone

Know exactly who your customers are - validate their address, Tax Identification Number , phone number, etc

Screen for AML & PEP

Stay clear of fraud by screening customers for anti-money laundering and politically exposed persons

Comprehensive KYC and KYB reports

Streamline by Laboremus produces all-in-one KYC and KYB reports that are easy to share digitally or print

Real-time customer onboarding

Onboard customers in real-time from any channel - Website, chatbot, mobile app, WhatsApp, USSD, etc

National Identity  Verification

Verify the national identity cards of your customers against central government database

Reliable, real-time identity verification

Know exactly who your customers are

Reduce the risk of fraud

Business Identity Verification

Get in-depth profiles of every business customer by verifying their business details and background of shareholders

Confirm business name, address and more

Validate KCCA trade license, TIN and more

Get deep profile of their shareholders and verify their individual identities

Address, TIN and phone validation

Complete the KYC process by  validating customer address, tax number and phone number against central government databases

Capture all customer details in minutes

Validate customer details without data-entry errors

Automate customer onboarding from any channel

Verify identity easily with Streamline by Laboremus

NIRA verified

Establish customer/business identity by verifying the National ID card data against the NIRA ID database

Fully automated

Automate the entire KYC/KYB process and remove all hurdles from onboarding new customers

Powerful API

Integrate with your existing digital stack using our powerful and fully-featured REST API


Deploy seamless customer onboarding across Web, Mobile App, WhatsApp and even USSD

Flexible pricing

Our pay-as-you-verify pricing plans ensure you only pay for the number of verifications you consume

Incredible support

Get local, real-human support for expert advice on integration and deployment


Get the most reliable KYC & KYB infrastructure in Africa

Get Streamline by Laboremus to verify the identity of your customers