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Account opening, accompanied by customer onboarding, is often the official beginning of a relationship with a financial institution.

During this introduction to the financial institution, the main objective is to have a smooth, fast, and efficient process. You don't want to keep your (potential) customer waiting.

These days, people want to open accounts in their environment, whether that is online, via a mobile agent, or WhatsApp. We help you provide a user experience that will make your new customers feel welcome!


Opening an account in a bank can be quite a lengthy process. A significant part involves collecting data and ensuring that data is authentic and valid. In addition, financial institutions are required to comply with KYC and AML regulations. For most financial institutions in Africa, this means lengthy paper-based manual processes. The result is a poor customer experience which often results in loss of customers.

Post pandemic times, the customer will drift more towards financial institutions that do not require them to travel to bank branches to transact.


Laboremus provides a digital identity onboarding platform to streamline the account opening process. The platform offers digital data collection tools via mobile apps, WhatsApp chatbots and web browsers. It also provides automated tools for KYC verification and AML screening.

Taking into account the diverse customer group, we offer multi-channel onboarding, which means you can do account opening via a branch, an agent (agency banking) or self-boarding.


Enable account opening anytime anywhere

Reduce turnaround time on account opening to 5 minutes and increase customer experience with smart data capture capabilities. As a financial institutions, you can choose the digital data collection tools that fit your growth needs.

All of the verified customers are gathered in one centralised database to help re-authenticating customers when they want to sign up for another financial products.

Products in use

Identity verification

We help you establish a customer's identity through verifying the Uganda National ID card data against the NIRA ID database.

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Identity onboarding

Provide digital channels for account opening and customer onboarding.

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