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Complete guide to KYB in Africa

Why KYB matters in Africa - know exactly who you are in business with.

With automated KYB financial institutions like banks, insurance providers, and micro-finance companies can more reliably prevent financial crimes such as money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing.

KYB also ensures compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Format: PDF, 26 pages
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Who should read this guide

Anyone working in regulated financial institutions in any of the following teams:

- Operations
- Compliance
- Fraud prevention
- Credit

What's covered

This complete guide to KYB in Africa covers the following topics

  1. Why KYB matters - know exactly who you do business with
  2. Overview of CDD andKYB process
  3. Non-compliance with KYB regulations creates opportunities for fraud
  4. Why identifying business customers is so hard
  5. Identifying UBOs successfully
  6. Minimising errors in manual onboarding
  7. Automated KYB - how does it work
  8. Benefits of automated KYB - faster and more reliable
  9. How Laboremus is automating KYB for financial industry in Africa
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Asset: Complete guide to KYB in Africa
Format: PDF, 26 pages
Price: Free

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