Banking is based on trust. Trust is built when you establish identity. We help you establish a customer's identity through verifying the Uganda National ID card data against the NIRA ID database.


Capture National ID data

Use either a webportal or mobile app to auto capture data from the Uganda National ID card and avoid data entry errors.

Verify owner of National ID using biometrics

Establish the ownership of an ID card by matching the customer's fingerprint with the one stored on their National ID at registration.

Verify ID data with NIRA ID database

Establish the authenticity of a customer's National ID by validating the card data against the NIRA ID database.

ID verification API

Make ID verification calls directly from your systems through our ID verification REST API.


Account opening

Account opening, accompanied by customer onboarding, is often the official beginning of a relationship with a financial institution. Learn how we can help you make the process smooth, both for you and the customer.

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