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We provide access to the data and tools financial service providers need to process loans and credit faster and cheaper. Whether you are a bank, fintech, SACCO or VSLA, our platform can be used to digitise part of – or your entire – lending process.

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ID Verification

We help you establish a customer's identity through verifying the Uganda National ID card data against the NIRA ID database.

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Sign documents digitally

We enable digital signing of documents. Upload contracts,  agreements, fact sheets and more to your own document portal for signing by your customers and partners.

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Identity onboarding

We help you automate your customers' due diligence process with our KYC verification services. These services allow you to be more efficient while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Credit processing

We provide payment rails to enable loan disbursement and repayment digitally.

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Financial service providers use our products to help them have better, faster & cheaper:

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